Happy New Year and BIRTHDAY TIMEEE!!!!!

Today is my birthday!!!!! I had such a great day today with my family. Yesterday I went ice skating with family and friends and today we went to the mall (My favorite place). I’m so grateful to be able to celebrate my birthday the way I do knowing some people can’t. Also so grateful to have such a wonderful family and best friends. It is also the second day of the year, what are some of your new years resolutions? I think that some people get discouraged and don’t make new years resolutions, but is always good to set goals for yourself. Some of my new years resolutions are:
*exercise more
*eat healthier
*make sure I do my devotions everyday
*read 15 books this year
*blog more
*do things out of my comfort zone

till next time ~Nya


Day 2: Seton it is!!!

I have decided to go to Elizabeth Seton. I choose Elizabeth Seton because I feel like it has a lot more to offer me than McNamara, also I liked how at Seton everyone was very welcoming. I’m so excited to go. on May 14 I am getting my uniform. I will keep you updated in what ever comes next. Thank you so much for reading.

Day 1: High School journey

          As most of you know I’m going to high school soon, and I’m so excited and also a bit nervous.  I want you guys to follow me on my journey through high school and maybe I will make a college one after that. Currently I am in 8th grade and the school year Is almost over and at first I had a 4 options   1. Elizabeth seton, 2.bishop McNamara, 3. Surratsville. So I took the test for seton and McNamara(I didn’t have to take one for surratsille because it is my neighborhood school)after a couple of months I found out that I got into seton I was so excited. Then the next day I found out that McNamara waitlisted me I wasn’t that disappointed because I got accepted into seton. A couple weeks later I registered at seton and was so excited to go I even got a free t shirts and water bottles. Two days later McNamra called and told me I can go there.  So now I have a decision to make. Thank you so much for reading.

Book Review

           Hello everyone, I just finished reading a book called “Sarah, plain and tall” and I wanted to do a review on it. I got the book today form the library and finished it today in under an hour. As you can tell the book is really short. I really liked the book and if I were to rate it I would give it 5 stars. The book was very interesting to me because it showed me how people who have a farm live and how people who don’t have as much cleaning supplies have to clean everyday and cook bread every day. I also liked how the book was not predictable and it didn’t know what was coming next it surprised me.  I recommend this book to anyone any age.

movie night

        Yesterday for movie night we went to the pool for two hours. Then went home and watched a movie. Then Moni and her friend was on her phone the rest of the time. The pool was really fun we just talked and stuff. I feel like every time I go to the pool I can never get my hair wet. It’s so sad because I can’t swim now or else I will get my hair wet. But I still had a good time. 

        Today I went to the mall with my mom and dad. We went to justice to get me clothes so I can use my gift cards that my friend Rose and My friend Brianna gave to me. They had some amazing sales. Then we went to the food court and me and my dad got pizza and my mom got sushi. Next we went to Macy’s. I got two dresses and a shirt and my dad got some shorts. Next we went to the grocery store and got some food. Now I’m helping my dad grill and eating sunflowers seeds. Bye love ya!!!!


flat twist out

Hey guys. Today I just got home from my dance award ceremony. It was so fun just hanged out with my friends. And I had a pretty dress on. It was very fun. Tomorrow were having a movie night and moni’s friend is coming. If you want to see me in my dress I will send it to you from my phone because I don’t have it in my kindle right now. Love ya!!!!


I’m back this time i mean it!

Hey guys. Sorry I have not blogged in a while but since it is summer you will hear a lot so don’t worry. On Sunday I went on a retreat with my church. Tomorrow I’m going to dance but it’s going to be a little different we will get awards because of our recital. And my sis Bebe flat twisted my hair a while ago and I keep them in so I can take them out tomorrow. I learned how to flat twist so when I take them out I can flat twist it at night so it won’t be nappy and Bebe won’t have to do it. Also recently I made my first t-shirt my auntie taught me how to do it every Wednesday we Skype and do different things. 


                       ~EAT SUGARY SWEETS TO HELP YOU MOVE YOUR FEET~Image